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Child abuse on internet

Learn your child to play safe

There are ways in which you can help to protect your child online and ensure that the Internet is a safe way to learn, surf and have fun, but the past decade has seen the rapid development and tremendous growth in the use of electronic, computer-based communication and information sharing via the Internet. For all this reasons you should use safe search engines to protect your family.

In the same way that you would teach your child about the dangers from strangers, warn your child about dangers on the Internet and lay down some ground rules regarding the time they spend online. If possible, avoid your child going online in private, or at least ensure that you have access to their computer. The safest way is to direct them to use safe search engine like Safe find.

Internet operates throughout much of the world, and particularly the Western world so children and young people, in particular, have readily embraced the new communication medium. But, 80% of child porn involves imagery of rape and 21% involves torture.

The sexual exploitation of children via the Internet has become so prevalent that it is said to have become a serious problem. Sexual offenders often target children with particular characteristics. So, ask your Internet Service Provider about installing parental controls, which can help prevent your child from accessing websites with sexual content, or point start page of your browser to a safe search engine.

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